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Welcome to The Beach Memo Blog! This is my personal blog where I write about whatever happens to be on my mind. So, let me tell you a little about who I am.

I’m a writer.

Okay. That’s it. Thanks for stopping by.

Just kidding.

But that really does sum up who I am. Of course I’m a lot of other things, too.

The other two words that sum up the essence of who I am are “wife” and “mother.” Mind you, I’m not a conventional wife or mother — pretty much the opposite — but I’ve been married since 1984 and I have two adult sons. My husband and sons mean everything to me, but I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I am an extremely independent person, and always have been. And it hasn’t always been easy for me to strike the right balance between being who I am and doing what it takes to make a marriage, a family, and a household work.

To provide a bit of background, I am the oldest of two kids. My brother is six years younger than me, and we were never close. We still aren’t. I was born to parents who were constantly in search of greener pastures, and as a result, by the time I was 12, I had lived in 10 different homes, including a 6-month stint living with my grandparents in rural southwestern Virginia.

We finally settled in northern Virginia. During my senior year in high school, I worked part-time at the Pentagon. Two days after I graduated, I went to work for a Florida congressman on Capitol Hill. I worked there until I got married and started a family. Among the members of Congress I worked for was Sen. Harrison “Jack” Schmitt from New Mexico, who was a former astronaut and was on the last Apollo mission to the moon. I also worked for then-Sen. Dan Quayle before he was tapped to be George H.W. Bush’s vice president.

In 1992, we relocated to southeastern Virginia with our two boys who were then 7 and 4. I found a way to be home with them and also earn a paycheck by typing court transcripts. I initially set up my “office” in a corner of our bedroom.

In 2001, I decided to go to college. My youngest son was 12 1/2 and I was homeschooling him at the time, so my already full plate was pretty much overflowing at that point. There were some very tough days, but I stuck with it and kept putting one foot in front of the other until I eventually earned three degrees:  an Associate degree in liberal arts, a Bachelor’s degree in English (Professional Writing), and a Master’s degree in English (Rhetoric and Composition).

My plan was that since my kids were older and didn’t need me at home anymore, I would get a fabulous new, high-paying job. What I didn’t take into account was that finishing my graduate degree in December of 2007 would be extraordinarily bad timing. You remember what happened to the economy in 2008, right?

So, fast-forward. Suffice to say I never did get a fabulous new, high-paying job. Or any job, for that matter. I was offered a teaching position at Old Dominion University, but the money wasn’t worth it, and besides, my dream was never to be a teacher. It was to be a writer.

A couple of years ago, I taught myself how to use WordPress and started building websites. I hung out my shingle under the name CoastWriter Consulting and found a few clients for whom I wrote blogs and newsletters and did some social media management.

These days, I’m still typing those court transcripts, but I recently got a steady gig writing content for a marketing company.

Other things you might want to know about me:

I have a houseful of cats. They’re all rescues, and they’re not breeding, so I’m not quite sure how I ended up with so many, but they are as much a part of the family as anyone else.

As I mentioned, I am an unconventional wife and mother. I don’t cook or clean and rarely do the grocery shopping. I do feed the cats.

And finally, I love the beach. I spend as much time there as I possibly can. It’s my therapy.

So, that’s a little bit about me, as promised. I welcome your comments on my posts and I hope you enjoy them.



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