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How to Make Content Marketing Work For You

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Blogging, Content Marketing, Small Business | 0 comments

I’ve written about content marketing. I’ve written about producing shareable content. Putting it all together into a strategy that helps you grow your business can be a challenge, though.

You need to spend time thinking about what your audience wants and needs from your content. Brainstorming with your team must be an integral part of your marketing plan.

Take a look at what your competitors are doing. You can pick up some great examples of what to do and what not to do. Take a look at companies that are doing content marketing well, even if they’re in a different niche than your business. Reinventing the wheel is almost never a good use of time. Find out what’s working and think about how you can make that work for you.

Content Marketing Institute points to TED, a nonprofit organization “devoted to spreading ideas.”

People want to be inspired, challenged, and changed by good content.

That may seem like a daunting challenge, figuring out how to “change” people with your content, but it’s actually not that difficult. No matter what business you’re in, chances are you know your customers pretty well. You know what they need from you, the challenges they face, their pain points, their problems. That’s what your content needs to address. The number one rule of content marketing is to always remember you are writing not for yourself but for your audience.

Also keep in mind that your audience’s time is valuable. If you run a plumbing company and you post on your blog about tinkering with your vintage Chevy, you may have some buddies who will find that interesting, and perhaps they’ll even share it. But will that help grow your business? On the other hand, if you post on your blog about how to easily fix a leaky faucet, that’s content your customers can probably use. And while it may not seem life-changing, you may be surprised how effective it is to help someone solve a problem, even if it’s just a leaky faucet. And when they have a plumbing problem for which they need a professional, they’re likely to call the company that has helped them in the past.

Another essential element of content is it must be well-written. Blogs are generally written in a conversational, easy-to-read format. But compared to an actual conversation, a blog post is flat and lacks the advantage of voice inflection or facial expression. That means you’ve got to make sure your message is clear. The language must be unambiguous, word choice is critical, and you must anticipate the questions your audience may have and address them.

Designing a content marketing strategy for your business takes time, effort, and creativity. But the payoff for your business can be huge.

If you need help getting started, give us a call.

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