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Welcome to your first daily Beach Memo!

Let me start with a couple of confessions.

The first:  I will likely not be able to get a post out every day. My job keeps me very busy, and even though I get up earlier and earlier to try to get more accomplished, work usually wins out. But I will endeavor to post regularly, so please bookmark this site!

The second:  I don’t actually live at the beach. I wish I did. I want to. I plan to. But it’s not like I live in the middle of Nebraska either. I live about 20 miles from the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

It’s my heart that lives at the beach.

As often as we can, we go to the Outer Banks. We can be in Kitty Hawk in about 90 minutes. We usually drive about another 25 miles to Oregon Inlet, south of Nags Head, where we go four-wheeling on the beach, set up camp for the day, grill our lunch, and sometimes our breakfast, bask in the sun and soak in the negative ions.

With that brief introduction, and disclaimer, I can’t remember what I had planned to write about today, because my plan was completely upended when Hurricane Matthew, which was supposed to take a right turn before it reached our area, decided instead to pay us a visit. Our backyard flooded and the power went out at 11:30 Saturday night. At about noon on Monday, I write this from a nearby McDonald’s, a place I literally never patronize but where I found not only free wi-fi but also a place to plug in. And their coffee isn’t bad.

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Executive Blvd. and Eden Way N., Chesapeake, Va. 10/9/16 Photo by Tamara Shipp

We’re long-time — and of late, long suffering — Redskins fans, so yesterday we went in search of a restaurant where we could watch the game. What we found instead was no power in any of the restaurants and the worst flooding I have ever seen around here. Norfolk routinely floods, as do other parts of the area, but usually the only flooding we experience is in our own neighborhood. This time we found ourselves having to duck through parking lots and drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid car-killing standing water. Some people were unable to do that.

So, we came back home and sat in the car for an hour, with our smart phones plugged in and a Redskins app open, and listened to the first half of the game. With nothing left to do but have a hurricane party, we got some ice, opened a couple of beers, ate cold pizza, and listened to the rest of the game on the radio.

I will make one more confession — which will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me. I am a political junkie. And I had very much wanted to watch the second presidential debate last night. Sounds like it was a pretty ugly affair, so perhaps the universe was looking out for me. I wasn’t able to get my dose of Morning Joe this morning either.

I am the type of person who is so wedded to my routines that even a vacation at the beach throws me off my game. Hopefully the electric company is correct, and even a little conservative, in its prediction of restoring power by tonight. I hope so.

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