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7 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Blogging, Communication, Small Business | 0 comments

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One of the most frequently asked questions my customers bring to me is how can I get more traffic to my website?  We then discuss strategies for doing that, but invariably we always end up with this question: When you finally get someone to go to your website, what are they going to see?

Almost all businesses, no matter how small, understand the need to have a web presence. But often they put up websites and promptly forget about them. They may direct potential customers there and include their website address on their business cards, but they never bother to go back and update the content.

If all you want to convey to potential customers are your basic products or services and a phone number, you can accomplish that with a business card and a Facebook page. But if you truly want to compete, you need more.  A lot more. And the most efficient way to accomplish that is with a blog.

  1. A blog allows you to keep content fresh. Maybe your phone number or business address won’t change, but what about the people that work for you and the products and services you offer?
  2. Search engines index regularly updated blogs. Assuming you have done a Google search from time to time, I don’t need to tell you how valuable this is in driving traffic to your website.
  3. A blog is a great way to start a conversation. When people comment on your blog post, it gives you the opportunity to interact with customers and potential customers, allowing  you to build relationships.
  4. You have the opportunity to do market testing and try out new ideas. When you post on your blog about a new technique or product in your industry, you have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback and discover what is of interest to customers.
  5. A blog provides content for social media platforms. Do you regularly post on Facebook or Twitter? If not, you’re missing out on a valuable way to market your business. If someone finds your social media page but notices nothing has been posted for the last two months, they are likely to look elsewhere for the service or product they need. By posting on your blog regularly, you can easily provide the link through social media, keeping content fresh and driving traffic to your website.
  6. Become an authority in your field. By posting useful content on your blog, you can become a go-to source when someone is looking for the product you sell or is asked for a recommendation by a friend.
  7. Brand awareness. You probably already understand the importance of visibility when it comes to your company’s name. It’s why companies paint their name on their trucks or hand out pens with the company logo. Regularly updating your blog and posting the link on multiple platforms can increase brand awareness exponentially. Readers share your content on their own social media pages, enabling  you to touch potential customers who would otherwise have never heard of you.


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